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Am I afraid when you say you love me?

A project for the festival "Treppen, Keller, Hinterhöfe"

The title has been inspired by a writing on the stair-rail in the tower, which has been part of the city wall to fight back ennemies. The participants of the project have created postcards with the question which are connected in an installation. This is part of an almost one-year-long research work on proximity and body contact. The project will be continued.

Installation on several levels of the tower
Material: Gauze bandages, postcards, lisle, different pins
Concept, Photography: Julia Vitalis
Print: Marcus Grellert

Diebesturm, Oberburgstr. Witzenhausen, 8. - 11. September 2016



Photo: Angela Ankner

Royal Garments

Inspired by a dream the royal garments symbolically represent the possibility to create satisfying relationships which overcome limitations as e.g. the construction of two sexes.

Object: 140 x 300 cm
Material: cotton, thread, beads
Concept, material, embroidery: Julia Vitalis
Photography: Angela Ankner
With friendly support of Anette Maschmann

Work Exhibition of the Artists Network Neukölln, Schillerpalais, May/ June 2006



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Lively Balconies

A participative project of Anne Pillen (NL), Sabine Nicodemus (D) and Julia Vitalis (D)

During our participative project, we invited inhabitants of Neukölln to make a personal statement of their own or their neighbors` balcony, to use it as an public stage or to embellish it eventually. Clandestine curiosity and potential jealousy had also been aspects of this temporary artistic action: What is invisible for the pedestrian on the street what is directly between my feet? Can I as a neighbour catch glimpses of the opposite balcony or the one below me? In coordination with the inhabitants, we let them and their balconies develop a communicative and creative independent existance.

Duration of the project: 2006
Exhibition: Kunstladen Emser 126, Berlin, 25.11.06



Photos: Angela Ankner/ Last Photo: Susanne Britz PHOTO-STORY


Of Cloth and Snakes

A Photo-Story

Photography: Angela Ankner



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Soap Stone Objects



Photo: Julia Vitalis MORE PHOTOS


Little Clay Zoo with Light

Different clay without glaze. December 2012





The Genesis (according to Julia Vitalis) or how anarchy left the earth

A cycle in 43 pictures

Material: Mixed Media on postcard

Rroma Aether Klub, Berlin 23.-26. June 2006